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Call for proposals 2011

The call for proposals for the Science Festival 2011 is closed. We received more than 300 proposals! Thanks for your ideas to create a rich programme of exhibits, workshops, shows, conferences and special events!

The 9th Genoa Science Festival – worldwide acknowledged as one of the most relevant events for the communication and dissemination of science - will be held in Genoa from October 21st till November 2nd 2011 with a special keyword: 150 and beyond
In the year of the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification, the Genoa Science Festival aims at presenting a wide array of hints, experiences and excellences of the recent past able to project Knowledge into the future, into the next 150 years. Far from just being a mere historical celebration, the Genoa Science Festival is to sketch future scenarios, going back to the roots of Science, Research and Technology to build up the New World.

In particular the Genoa Science Festival plans to spot on Young Excellence, giving the floor to scientists and researchers who, either in Italy or abroad, are fully committed in developing knowledge and research-based contents; the partnership with the U.S.A., started in 2010, perfectly fits in this frame, as this is the country where many and many talents from all over the world migrate to, hosted in universities and research labs.

No change in the Science Festival’s philosophy: making science accessible to anyone by proposing a wide variety of topics as well as a "hands on" approach allowing for the active participation of our public, made of people of any age and including children, students, researchers and experts.

The range of proposals is wide - scientific, artistic, and interactive exhibitions; hands-on workshops; meetings and dialogues; shows - and traditionally involves the major domestic and international scientific networks to talk about science in an innovative way, with an approach based on the interactive and transversal nature of the events.

As in the past years, the widest and most diversificated participation of bodies, networks and institutions, based either in Italy or abroad, is strongly encouraged.

The 2011 programme of the Science Festival will be based on:

· Lectures: lectio magistralis, panels, dialogues, cafés scientifiques and round tables with internationally renowned experts
· Exhibitions/Exhibits: thematic exhibitions or single installations focusing on didactic, scientific, artistic and interactive topics.
· Laboratories: visitors actively participate in such activities and make experiments assisted by scientific explainers.
· Shows: drama, concerts, films and clips, thematic cycles.
· Special events: Open days, performances, demonstrations.

The 2011 Science Festival will possibly celebrate important anniversaries and celebrations like:
- the International Year of Chemistry, declared by U.N.
- the 100th Anniversary of Superconductivity
- the 100th Amudsen & Scott’s Anniversary Race to the South Pole
- the International Year of Forests, declared by U.N.
- the International Year for People of African Descent, declared by U.N.